Hello and welcome to the Shorin-Ryu Academy of Martial Arts. We are located at 425 West Washington Street in Monticello, IL. We have been in Monticello since 1987. Youth classes are offered three days a week and adult classes one night a week.

Our youth programs help to promote physical fitness and positive self image through rewarding experiences of Okinawa Karate. The beginner Martial Artist will grow in respect, focus and confidence. We teach our youth self-defense drills (ippons), as well as proper foward rolls (kitenage) and falls (ukemi) just to name just a few of our traditional training methods! Be assured they will enjoy the experience and want to keep training at the Academy.

Adult classes are on Tuesday nights (7-9pm). The classes are a mix of traditonal forms (kata) and philosophies with modern self-defense techniques and training methods. Proper kicking (geri) and hand strikes (uchi), along with balance and body positioning are emphasized.